4.38 billion, the total number of internet users in the world. More than half of the world’s population uses the internet regularly every day and this number is increasing day by day. So much so that a new one is added to the areas where the internet is used every day. Cell phones, cars, white goods and even the houses themselves are now included in this field, which we used to be connected only through computers. In short, every area of ​​our lives is surrounded by the internet. With each passing day, a new product can be controlled and operated over the internet. There is also the material dimension of this connection; for example, more than 80% of banking transactions have started to be carried out over the internet. Many countries are considering abolishing the use of cash. China monitors its citizens all day long with the scoring application it gives to people with its internet-based security system. So, let’s imagine that we unplugged the internet for a day while all this was going on, what would happen? Let’s evaluate this from the eyes of someone living in our country and over 24 hours.

What happens if the internet is unavailable for a day in the world?


Our hero, who is waiting for his phone’s alarm to wake up, wakes up thanks to the phone’s clock being compatible with the digital world time over the internet and working even though the internet is out. Before getting out of bed, she picks up the phone and unlocks the key to check her social media first and then her emails. The first notification he sees is your phone is not connected to the wifi network. Thinking that there is a problem with the modem, it turns off the wi-fi connection, but the phone does not work either. There is no 4G or 3G connection either. He starts to think about what happened first and gets out of bed and goes to the TV. Our hero, who cannot receive internet broadcasting because he uses a smart TV, turns on the satellite TV in his child’s room. Internet connection in news channels has been cut all over the world,


The whole world is in chaos. While countries try to communicate with their military units in the old fashioned way, terrorist organizations organize attacks to evaluate the gap they find. Big companies are losing billions of dollars because the banks are not working, and online sales sites have literally shut their doors. Since banks communicate with their centers and the world over the internet, no communication takes place. Money cannot be withdrawn or deposited from banks. The whole world has become completely chaotic. Planes have canceled their flights and it has been more than 12 hours since the last plane landed. Passengers have filled the airports, and since airline companies are not prepared for such a big chaos, they are having serious arguments with the passengers. While our hero is having lunch at work, since it is made over the internet connection, including fixed phones, it can neither talk to its customers nor work on any production. As in the whole world, our hero watches the news on television, wishing that this chaos will end as soon as possible and life will return to its routine very quickly.


Our hero, who came to his house, albeit by force, turns on the television. He sees in the news that people start incidents up to looting because supermarkets can’t take action in any way, and states have started to impose curfews until further notice. He begins to think about what to do in the face of a world where chaos reigns. He sees that terrorist incidents increase and states that have enmity with each other around the world are carrying out attacks with ground troops. While televisions are trying to share all the information they can get in the world with the old system broadcasts, they see that there are coups in many countries and the world is experiencing complete chaos and turns off the television.

Yes, in fact, three or more of these and more can be lived if the world loses its internet for a day today. The fact that the internet, which surrounds our whole lives, is not only one day as much as it adds to us and the world, will make the world experience these.